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Business Solutions Development

We design and develop powerful business solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs. They are designed to meet the unique requirement of each business and enhance their competitiveness. Our clients are spread across a wide range of industries. Our solutions help small and medium sized organisations run their business or help teams within a larger corporate run their department.

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Want to organise your business?

As businesses grow, it is often more important to chase sales than to focus on running an efficient operation. Growth is important but growth can also be messy and lead to inefficiencies.

There comes a time, though, when you have to reflect on how you can unify, simplify and strengthen your operation for scaleable flexibility. You need to put efficient information management systems in place that help your team work faster, cheaper and more effectively.

That is where we come in. We have 20 years experience of building and supporting custom solutions for growth companies. We use rapid development tools to quickly build and adapt our solutions to the evolving needs of each customer.

Streamline the way your business runs

Information is often stored anywhere but at your fingertips. It is spread around multiple spreadsheets and documents. It is at the office when you are out and about. It is on colleagues’ computers when you need it on yours. Even when you have the data, it can be hard to find the information you need.

A Cutting Edge database solution can streamline the way your organisation is run, saving you time, money and frustration.

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Workflow automation

Imagine the time savings if repetitive tasks were completed at the click of a button. And if information was easy to find and linked with related information. You and your team should spend time on the jobs you do well and enjoy, not on admin. Computer systems should help you succeed rather than hold you back.

Whatever your organisation and whatever information you need to manage, we can craft a customised system to help you succeed.

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Enable workers on the go

Our business solutions can be extended to workers on the go. A mobile workforce with iPads or iPhones can work with live data in real time or offline with data that is synced later.

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Store information centrally for everyone to use

We are experts at multi-user databases. Everyone in your organisation sees and can use the same information. It doesn’t matter whether they are sat next to each other, based on the other side of the world or part of a mobile workforce. Security features ensure people only see the data they are supposed to see.

A system that grows with you

One thing is certain in business, and that is change. Your requirements will grow over time.

We build systems that can adapt and support the same fast and furious pace that your business evolves. Flexibility is a core feature of our solutions. They can scale from a handful of users to hundreds of users as the business grows. The feature set can develop and grow to meet new business requirements.

CRM Jumpstart Solution

Businesses deal with people. Customer Relationship Management is an important aspect of most solutions we build. There is often no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ so we have built a CRM template that can be used to ‘jumpstart’ the development of a custom solution.

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