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FileMaker Development

We are certified FileMaker developers with clients across the UK. We develop, extend and support desktop and mobile business solutions for the Claris platform.

FileMaker development, consultancy and support

Want to extend an existing FileMaker database?

Do you already have a FileMaker database? Could it do more? Does it not quite work as expected? Perhaps you’ve created the database yourself and do not have the time or expertise to finish it off. Perhaps you’ve had a database built for you and the developer is no longer available. Cutting Edge Software is experienced in picking up existing databases, diagnosing / fixing issues and adding new functionality.

Add mobile functionality

Would you like to take your existing FileMaker database mobile? Would you like to add a mobile element to your FileMaker database? Cutting Edge Software is experienced in adjusting existing FileMaker databases to run on FileMaker Go. We can also build interfaces specifically designed for iPads and iPhones using FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Desktop Solution Screenshot

Integrate with other business apps

Like most modern applications, FileMaker can integrate and exchange data with other technologies. Cutting Edge Software has experience of integrating FileMaker with SQL based databases, accounting software and other applications such as email, calendars, etc.

FileMaker iPad Screenshot

Cutting Edge Software Ltd is a Claris Partner. All Claris Partners are vetted by Claris to ensure they can provide the expertise needed to build, modify and manage a professional FileMaker solution.

Claris Partner

Integrate with your website

Does your database hold information that you’d like to publish on your website? Would you like to update the information on your website by changing data in FileMaker? Cutting Edge Software can integrate your FileMaker database with your website.

For instance, a website showcasing your products can draw information from your Products database. Updating a description or a price is as simple as editing the data in FileMaker. A website showing a calendar of events can draw data from your Events database. This ensures that your website is always up to date as past events can drop off the calendar and future events get added to the website just by adding them into FileMaker.


Do you need someone who knows FileMaker to look after your FileMaker server and provide advice about your FileMaker infrastructure? We have installed and maintained countless FileMaker solutions. We know how they should be configured and we know the mistakes that can be made.

You want a robust infrastructure for the business solutions you rely on. Cutting Edge Software can tailor support contracts to meet your requirements.

2004 saw FileMaker introduce a new certification programme for its developers. Carl Henshall, founder of Cutting Edge Software, became one of the first UK developers to gain certification.

He was also one of the first UK developers to gain certification for each subsequent version of FileMaker. This certification gives you the reassurance that we have technical knowledge of the complete FileMaker product line.

Claris FileMaker Certified Developer
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