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Client: Apple

Project: Various

As one of the best known brands in the world, Apple needs little introduction. They produce the Mac range of personal computers, the MacOS operating system, iPhone, iPad and iOS operating system.

We have worked with a number of different teams within Apple’s UK & European divisions on a variety of internal solutions. The projects have included a system to help set prices in different currencies, a system to control data being entered into their corporate database and a system to report on data extracted from their HR systems.

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A common requirement has been to develop a prototype system in FileMaker in the full knowledge that it will be replaced in the long term by a ‘corporate’ solution

The rapid development capabilities of FileMaker and the ease with which it can be adapted means that issues and requirements that are discovered during the development process can be implemented without a significant impact on the budget.  It has not been uncommon for our solutions to work so well that they are in full use for much longer than anticipated.

Many solutions have integrated with other data systems. For example, they might take a nightly feed of new data and provide reporting/analysis tools to the relevant people.

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